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cp_lib is a work in progress towardsa completely module based program designed for running a website programmed in PHP. It will come with a couple of core modules:

  • cp_db - An interface to mysql, has many features and support for multiple db servers, like write-only and read-only servers.
  • cp_users - This will be a user authentification and management class, it will also include permissions
  • cp_error - This is just an error logger, don't ask me why I didn't use error_log(), I dont know, I might drop this for php's native error_log(). cp_error uses an XML error log.
  • cp_str - This will have a bunch of string functions php doesnt have as well as wrappers for addslashes() and stripslashes() so module writters never have to worry about magic_quotes settings. This way cp_lib will work under ALL magic_quotes settings.
  • cp_news - This is the reason for cp_lib, this will be a news system, like slashdot, wired news, yahoo news etc.

Possible core modules planned for the feature are:

  • cp_forum
  • cp_articles
  • cp_links

cp_lib will contain NO HTML the only porpouse of cp_lib is being a backend, a front end will be supplied when this project reaches alpha stage, it will be based on FastTemplate. Since the library will be frontend independent people will be able to make custom frontends with ease.

The Sourceforge project page for cp_lib is located here.

cp_lib is an MPL 1.1 project, not GPL, don't ask, bitch or complain about the license, however many files might be dually Licensed under the MPL and GPL or other license according to the contributors wishes.